Semi Pro 30 cap



Lgd-4033 10mg per cap

MK-677 12.5 mg per cap

S-23 10mg per cap


It is often said that you can’t put on size and lose fat at the same time.

That is a lie.

With semi pro you will gain lean, high quality mass while simultaneously dropping serious body fat.

This is due to MK-677.  This potent secretagogue stimulates release of your bodies own natural HGH.  HGH levels stay elevates for over 24 hours after just 1 dose of MK-677.

Higher HGH levels work in synergy with LGD-4033 and S-23, two of the most potent lean mass potentiating compounds on the planet.

15 pounds or more of lean mass In 30 days at only 1 cap per day is common.

Want to run a higher dose? Check out our “Pro-Only”.


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